Even after all this time,

the world doesn't matter

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Who am I?

I find myself constantly reading articles and stories about gay rights, waiting for the day that the LGBTQ community will finally be accepted and I suppose "normalized" in our society. I also find myself doing nothing in support except being supportive quietly. I continuously feel like there is more I should and COULD do.

Here's the kicker.

I classify myself as bisexual. Yes, I am with a man. A man I love. But it could have easily been a woman. My boyfriend doesn't understand. He thinks it's "unnatural". This is a piece of information I just recently discovered. I feel so strongly about the right to love and marry no matter what your orientation, but how am I to go about actively and publicly supporting my beliefs with a partner who so vehemently opposes any of these lifestyles?

For example: my ex girlfriend is now a man. He is an amazing man. When I watch videos of his T transition my boyfriend almost cringes. He can't comprehend how this even exists.

So back to the main point......how am I to try to make a difference on a subject I feel so strongly about with severe misunderstanding, blatant prejudice, and complete naivety on the part of my partner? I feel as though he will somehow shun me for my personal beliefs.

And despite that, who am I to say this when I'm not even an active part of change?


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What the fuck. Hey look, I'm not an active activist either but I got in a heated discussion with a bigot pharmacist who said the same ridiculous bullshit plus a few biblical references for good measure. Some people's minds are closed and there isn't anything you can do or say. I would have a hard time being with someone like that, though.

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